Anything With A Motor Show Scheduled

VOLNEY – North Volney Methodist Church will host a special show on August 17 on the church grounds.

The Anything With A Motor Show will be from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

If you have car you are proud of, no matter how old or new, a tractor, motorcycle or maybe just an old engine that you would like others to see, it is welcome at this show.

The only rule is that it has to be a working motor.

Registration for all those bringing equipment to display starts at 10:30 with a $5 registration fee for each piece of equipment.

This is show only, no sales or swaps will be made.

Door prizes will be given during the show.

Food and drinks will be available to purchase and there will be music.

Admission is free.

Any and all types of running equipment is welcome, the more unique the better.

if you love it and want to show it off, this is your show.

For more information, call Beverly Beck at 315-593-6825.

North Volney Church is located on the corner of county routes 4 and 6 in the town of Volney.

Come and see what other folks love and bring your own interesting equipment.