Application For Charter School Withdrawn

OSWEGO, NY – A public hearing Wednesday to discuss the proposed charter school in Oswego closed without a single comment.

Oswego City School District Superintendent Bill Crist announced that he had been notified shortly before the hearing that the application for the proposed Renaissance Charter School had been withdrawn.

“The Charter School Project is my personal initiative, after I decided to homeschool my daughter. I watched a video entitled ‘Stupid in America’ and the last 15 minutes of that movie dealt with public charter schools as an alternative to existing ‘standard’ public schools,” Rodica Ieta said at an informational meeting in late November 2011.

“I received news that the application was not convincing enough in certain areas and it looked like it was not going to be forwarded for approval,” she told Oswego County Today on Wednesday afternoon. “So, we decided to withdraw it and fine tune it and resubmit next year in February.”

“This is a required hearing,” Crist explained in the Oswego Education Center’s curriculum room, because the charter school is being proposed within the Oswego district.

“At about 10:40 this morning, my office received a phone call from the applicant, stating that the proposal for the charter school and application pursuant to that charter school has been withdrawn,” he said. “Further clarification was not given as to reason or purpose.”

He then offered the floor to the handful of the general public in attendance. However, no one took the opportunity to speak on the proposal.

Crist said he views the proposal as “a relationship” with the Oswego district that could be beneficial to everyone involved and not “a competition for students.”

“They would draw funding from the local tax base to support the charter school (about 65 percent of what they’d normally receive in state aid),” he noted.

If and when the application is re-submitted, another public hearing will be scheduled.