APW is at it again!

I was at a restaurant recently and heard a member of APW Board of Education talking about the high school. Mr. Coppola wants to change the entrance at the high school which includes moving the offices to the front of the building. That would be great if we voted for it, however the board passed the request without our knowledge, and the money is coming from the capitol project fund. How much money are we spending on things such as moving the security and phone systems along with the room renovations? The biggest issue I have is that we taxpayers in the district voted for one thing and we are going to be forced into another. I voted for the indoor track so that our students don’t get killed running on County Route 22 (which is no longer included). This is just another knife being pushed into our backs. We need to find out about this hidden change, along with possible others, and stop this insanity in our district!

-Name withheld by request