APW Middle School Rebel Fest Fun Day

APW Middle School fifth grade student James Priest, far left, sends Principal James Heffron for a nice dip in an ice cold dunk tank at the school’s Rebel Fest Fun Day. The dunk tank was one of the most popular activities at the event with a continuous line of students waiting patiently to dunk Mr. Heffron and other faculty members that volunteered to take their chances on the dunk tank perch. The fun day is an annual event at the school to celebrate school spirit and pride as well as the end of a successful year.
Gladiators Corey Conklin, left, and Zachary Costen face off in a friendly jousting competition during the annual Rebel Fest Fun Day at the Altmar-Parish-Williamstown Middle School. The event is held each year to celebrate the end of a successful school year and gives students an opportunity to enjoy a variety of activities with their classmates.
One of the most popular activities during the APW Middle School Rebel Fest Fun Day was the massive 30-foot rock wall. Students were strapped into safety harnesses and then scaled the wall to the top where they could ring a buzzer to signal their successful summit. The rock wall was brought in by the National Guard who monitored its use and assisted the students in the event. Pictured are fifth grade student Brittney Koagel (top left) and seventh grade student Diana LaRock (top right) making their way to the summit.