APW Sixth Graders Ready For High School

PARISH – Sixth graders at Altmar-Parish-Williamstown Central School District are now ready to move on up to the high school after completing a Moving Up Award Ceremony on the last day of school.

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APW sixth grade students receive the Triple “C” Award for commitment, character and courage. From left, Lexie Pieropan, Principal Julie Woolson and Alivia Turk.

Principal Julie Woolson gave the opening remarks to the ceremony by first asking all of the parents to stand up and be recognized for the achievements of their children.

She followed with words of encouragement to the budding high schoolers.

“Be the best that you can be and finish everything you start, even if it’s hard,” said Woolson.

Some students received special honors for President’s Awards, the Triple “C” Award and Perfect Attendance Awards.

The President’s Award for Educational Excellence recognizes academic success in the classroom.

To be eligible, students must maintain a grade point average of 90 or above throughout grades four, five and six.

Students must also have two recommendations, one from a teacher and one from another staff member.

Teacher recommendation reflects outstanding achievement in English, mathematics, science and/or social studies. The second recommendation must come from a school staff member, which may address involvement in community service or co-curricular activities. This year’s awards went to Sarah Davis, Trevor Johst and Michael Kinney.

The President’s Award for Educational Achievement recognizes students that show outstanding educational growth, improvement, commitment or intellectual development in their academic subjects but do not meet the criteria for the Educational Excellence Award.

Its purpose is to encourage and reward students who give their best effort, often in the face of special obstacles. The APW recipients were Jadyn Allen, Grasea Crandall, Isabelle Hallock, MacKenzie Johnson, Jesse Kinney, Allison Lenhart, Lexie Pieropan, Ethan Shawcross, Tyler Smith, Wyatt Stanard, Alivia Turk and Kimberly Winters.

The Triple “C” Award recognizes students with tremendous commitment to bettering themselves, character and remarkable courage. It is provided by the office of the Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman and was given to Lexie Pieropan and Alivia Turk.

Students were also recognized for perfect attendance. Kaden King and Dominick Robinson received certificates for being in attendance every day of the school year.

Sarah Davis received a Gold Perfect Attendance certificate for being present every minute of every day of the school year.

Each of the sixth grade teachers lined up to shake the hands of the students receiving their sixth grade graduation certificates.

Hugs and smiles were shared by all.