APW Students Prepare for a New School Year at a New School

As the 2011-2012 school year came to a close, students in the Altmar-Parish-Williamstown Central School District are already looking ahead to a new school year at the future APW Elementary School.

Students at each of the two satellite elementary schools within the district, Altmar Elementary School and Parish Elementary School, traveled in June to what will be their elementary school starting in September.

Third grade students in the Altmar-Parish-Williamstown Central School District peek into the library while on a tour of the new APW Elementary School they will be attending in September.

The visitations to the school were held by grade level, giving students an opportunity to meet the students who will become their classmates in the fall. It also gave students an opportunity to eat in the cafeteria, tour the building and find some important places such as the office, library, school nurse, gymnasium, music room, and art room.

While the visits were held on scheduled early dismissal days for current middle school students, many current APW Middle School faculty members were on hand to welcome and meet the young students.

The visit was extra special for third grade classes as it served as an opportunity to meet the pen pal they have been corresponding with for several months.

Third grade pen pals Madison Burdick from Altmar Elementary School, left, and Hannah Matlock from Parish Elementary spend some time together during a visit to the new elementary school they will be attending when school opens in September.

Teachers Julie Dennison, Christopher Mason, Erin Nestico, Kim Roberts, Denise Warchol, and Laura Weaver organized the pen pal project as a way for each third grade students to practice their letter writing skills, reading skills, and meet the students who become their classmates.

The pen pals sent several letters to each other where they introduced themselves, talked about their hobbies and interests and then also sent photographs.

The visitation served as the culminating event for the pen pal project, giving students an opportunity to meet face-to-face for the first time.

The APW Elementary School will house students Universal Pre-Kindergarten through grade six when the doors open in September for the 2012-2013 school year.