ARC of Oswego County Award Wins Recognition

Fulton, NY – ARC of Oswego County’s Dr. John Readling Award recently received recognition from NYSARC, Inc. at its 63rd Annual Convention. The NYSARC, Inc. Memorial Recognition honors and pays tribute to NYSARC’s highly revered and respected former members of the Association.

Nominations were accepted for recognition in early 2012 and the Dr. John Readling award was chosen as one of the winning entries. All eligible applications must have represented an individual that is deceased, a former member of the NYSARC, Inc. Board of Governors and must have served a minimum of ten cumulative years of service and be recommended by a Board.

Dr. John Readling is considered by some to be one of the largest factors in the creation of ARC in Oswego County. John was a man who devoted many years and countless hours to the ARC of Oswego County, developing it into a fine organization that helps people with intellectual and developmental conditions as well as mental and physical challenges every day.

The Dr. John Readling Award is given annually to someone whose efforts have made a positive and significant difference in the lives of people with disabilities in Oswego County, as nominated by ARC of Oswego chapter members. Past winners of this award include: Cherryl Grant, Elizabeth Vaught, Carol Alfieri, Freda Bowman, Patrick Devendorf, Casmir Usiatynski, Judith Bonanni and Dale Hubbard.

ARC of Oswego County is a private, not-for-profit organization which has been providing programs and services to individuals with disabilities since 1955. Its mission is to be a leader in the field of developmental disabilities, committed to meeting the needs of individual growth, productivity, and independence through education, advocacy, and increased community acceptance and participation.

Its sister agency, Oswego Industries, Inc., provides services to adults with disabilities: together creating a comprehensive support system for individuals with disabilities in Oswego County.