Are You Looking For a Job? Don’t Feel Alone — Join a Free Job Club

Even in an ideal time and place, job-seeking can be a depressing chore, especially when done alone. In today’s economy getting a job requires effort, skills, persistence, and a helping hand. Many people are in the same boat and can help each other out. People who want the help and support of others during their job search now have a place to go.

On Monday, July 11 Oswego Public Library’s Public Computing Center is holding the first meeting of its new Job Club from 1:30 – 4:30 in the afternoon. The Job Club will provide a meeting time and place where job seekers can share their experiences, support one another’s efforts, and get help in sharpening their skills. To sign up for the Job Club, call Oswego Public Library at 341-5867 or go to the Main Desk in the Library.

The Public Computing Center has a new resource for the Job Club, an interactive computer program called JobNow, that Club members can use for free. JobNow helps job seekers in four ways: 1. Starting a job search 2. Writing a resume and cover letter. 3. Acing an interview 4.
Building academic skills . Professionals will review and edit resumes and cover letters, and give suggestions for improvement. Tutors will help people increase academic and job skills. Club members can get tips on how to interview and participate in practice interviews.

In addition, “Job Readiness and Career Advancement” workshops are offered each week at the PCC in cooperation with Literacy Volunteers. To sign up for these workshops, please call Literacy Volunteers at 315-342-8839.

The Public Computing Center also has staff available for job seekers wanting personalized help with developing a resume, writing a cover letter, looking for jobs online, completing an online application, or any activity using a computer to help find a job. Director Theresa Slosek and Instructors Sue Hansen and Lisa Czirr offer friendly welcomes, helping hands and answers to your questions. Please visit the Public Computing Center soon for all of your computer needs.

Oswego Public Library is located at 120 East Second Street in Oswego. The Public Computing Center is located on the Lower Level of the Library. The Public Computing Center and JobNow program are made possible by a Broadband Technology Opportunity Program (BTOP) grant.