ARISE Seeks Volunteers, Materials, and Donations for Ramps

When is a house not a home? When the very structure creates a barrier so that the person living there cannot leave or when that same barrier prevents the person from returning. There are people living in our community who face this every day: a home that can seem like either a prison or a far off dream.

The solution is not insurmountable. For many of these individuals, a ramp will provide the necessary access into and out of the home.

There are more than twenty individuals who are on a waiting list to receive the life-changing home modification through the ARISE Ramp Project. These are individuals who have mobility impairments and who cannot afford an expensive home modification. Some of these individuals have not been out of their houses in months. Others will not be released from rehabilitation until their homes are accessible.

You can help these individuals.

ARISE is in need of volunteers, materials, and donations to assist in the ramp construction process. The greater the number of people who give their time and energy, the greater the number of individuals who can find their homes home-like again. You too can feel the joy that comes from making a positive change in a person’s life and being a part of something great.

Are you part of ARISE? If not, why not? You can easily a difference through the ARISE Ramp Project by contacting James Karasek at (315) 342-4088 ext. 206.