ARISE To Host Presentation On Consequences of Untreated Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is known to be one of the most prevalent chronic conditions in the United States with over 9 million Americans over the age of 65 being affected by it.

However, approximately three out of five older Americans have not sought treatment and do not use a hearing aid.

Not seeking the appropriate treatment for hearing loss can have many negative consequences.

These include social and emotional consequences that lead to an overall decrease in quality of life.

The quality of life issues range from relationships at home to work relationships and general social activity Untreated hearing loss is a form of sensory deprivation that can cause a diminishment in the brain’s ability to process and understand sounds including speech and environmental sounds.

Ryan Potter, Au.D., will be discussing the issues related to untreated hearing loss and the latest advances in hearing aid technology. Dr. Potter is the Director of Audiology for Oviatt Hearing and Balance with offices located in Oswego, Syracuse, and Manlius.

Dr. Potter particularly enjoys working with adults and seeing them experience the significant improvements in their lives after they obtain treatment for hearing loss.