Armory Move Tabled In Oswego

The Oswego Armory.
The Oswego Armory.

OSWEGO, NY – At its last meeting, the Common Council was set to turn over the deed to the Armory to the YMCA.

However, councilors wanted some additional information and more specific wording added to the resolution.

Councilor Mike Joyce (R-Seventh Ward) moved to table the resolution.

“We’d like to have more terminology in the resolution to protect the city,” he explained following the meeting. “Just in case they try to sell the building, we’d like the first right of refusal.”

Also, there were no representatives from the YMCA at the meeting, he noted.

By bringing the proposal to the committee level in two weeks it will give councilors an opportunity to get more information, Joyce said.

On July 14, 2006, the city obtained the West First Street Armory from the state.

The Armory has been leased to the YMCA since July 2006.

The YMCA has proposed major alterations to the Armory, for which it must obtain funding.

The deed contains restrictions with respect to the demolition, construction, alteration, remodeling or excavation of the Oswego Armory, and with respect to the use of the facility under Section 34 of the Public Lands Law.

It is necessary for the YMCA to have ownership of the Armory in order to obtain the needed funding for the proposed project.

The city is agreeable to giving the YMCA the deed for $1.

If the YMCA doesn’t obtain sufficient funding or doesn’t go forward with the proposed project at the Armory, the council would like the facility to revert back to ownership by the city.

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  1. I am looking to find out the disposition of the G.A.R. Collection that was formerly housed at the Armory. Included in the collection were the keys to Castle Thunder an Libby in Richmond, Virginia. Is there anyone that you could refer me to that may have the answer to my question? Thanks you in advance, Jim Schenk, working author on the most comprehensive book re: 81st New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment.

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