Around Oswego WBUC – Oswego’s Coffee Connection and Cakes Galore

Oswego High School TV production students recently researched local landmarks to highlight the rich history and new businesses that are emerging in the Oswego area. Students interviewed both the owners and patrons at these locations to find out what attracts locals and people from out of town alike to these businesses.  In this week’s episode of “Around Oswego,” WBUC, Marguerite Dillon visited Oswego’s Coffee Connection and Cakes Galore to find out what makes them so unique.  The Coffee Connection helps support our local community by serving deserts from Cakes Galore.  It’s unique interior is like none other and is displaying local artwork from Oswego High School teacher Billie Jo Peterson.  Cakes Galore is now celebrating it’s 25th anniversary of operating in Oswego.