Art, Photography Awards Presented At Graduation Ceremonies

FULTON, NY – The Fulton Art Association awarded two deserving Fulton seniors for their achievements in art and photography at their graduation ceremony on June 22.

Sara Koblentz and Meredith Williams (art teachers) of G. Ray Bodley High School selected the recipients of the two $100 scholarships.

Alexandra Boyce (left) and Mariah Munger.
Alexandra Boyce (left) and Mariah Munger.

The 2013 Art Award is awarded to Mariah Munger, and the 2013 Photography Award is awarded to Alexandra Boyce.

Williams said, “I have been Mariah Munger’s teacher for the past two years. Mariah is a senior at G Ray Bodley and an excelled art student.  Mariah has taken Ceramics 1, 2, and 3, an Independent Study in Ceramics, and Foundation in Art.  Mariah has also taken every art class offered by the other high school art teacher.  Mariah is very talented and will be continuing her study in the art field at New Paltz College. She is enthusiastic and hardworking and will do amazing things in the art field.”

Koblentz said, “I have known Alexandra for just this past year in Studio in Art.  She was a photography student with Ms. Star Matteson previously.  Alexandra recently told me Studio in Art was her first art class since junior high.  If she had known what she now knows she wishes she had started sooner than her senior year.  I wish she had started sooner as well. Alexandra has demonstrated her considerable ability in Studio in Art, always going beyond class expectations, doing at least one more drawing or painting to develop her skills. She comes in an additional class period each day to work independently and recently to help photograph and mat artwork, earning community service credit.  Her work can often be seen in showcase displays outside the Art rooms.  In Alexandra’s words, ‘As each piece I create comes to life, it sends a feeling of relaxation and joy through me.  Art lightens up my world.’”

Alexandra’s photography was recently part of the Fulton Art Association’s High School Invitational Art Show held in March.

She will be attending Syracuse University to major in photography.