Ask And You Shall Receive

To The Editor:
“Ask and you shall receive.” An old saying; but what you receive isn’t always what you want.

If some of you remember from a recent letter in the media, I asked the Chairman of the Legislature to have the County Rental Fee of County Highway Equipment be revisited by the full legislative body.

I attended the July 28th Infrastructure committee meeting. I had asked to have the County Rental Fee be discussed at this committee before having it brought to the full Legislature.

I informed everyone in attendance that I had given information to Chairman Gardner, Vice Chair Lockwood, Committee Chairman Hayes, Minority leader Kunzwiler, Majority Leader Broadwell.

In that information was the results of an informal study about other counties handling of how they let other municipalities within their county use county highway equipment.

I asked that Chairman Gardner make copies of that information and give it to all the other legislators so they may be able to discuss it further and bring it to the full legislative body for a re-vote.

I told those present that it is time for everyone to work together and have shared services not charge the towns, villages and cities for the use of equipment they have paid for with their tax dollars.

I gave an example of how if a municipality was doing a project  and they were using all of their equipment and a piece of that equipment became disabled and the replacement parts weren’t going to be in for a week or two and they asked the county to use a piece of equipment they wouldn’t be charged a fee.

If they kept it for a longer period of time then agreed upon, they would have to pay the rental fee.

The answers and discussions that followed will have to wait until another letter.

Most of the answers won’t surprise you and the legislators that didn’t speak won’t surprise you either.

Legislator Frank Castiglia Jr.