Assistant Attorney General Visits Rotary

FULTON – Ed Thompson, Assistant Attorney General in charge for Central New York, was introduced to the Fulton Rotary Club by Rotarian Tom Abelgore at a recent meeting.

Thompson is in charge of five counties and 16 lawyers working out of the New York State Attorney General’s office in Syracuse.

Ed Thompson, left, and Tom Abelgore
Ed Thompson, left, and Tom Abelgore

The AG has statewide jurisdiction which gives them power other law enforcement agencies do not have.

They are particularly engaged in facing trends in consumer fraud, illegal activities, scams – things rising to the surface across the state or nation- that need particular attention.

Thompson cited the issues of bath salts and home foreclosures as current issues addressed by the AG’s Office.

He enjoys the use of the law to help people with the greatest needs.

He was a federal prosecutor and a defense attorney.

But he prefers to practice law in the manner now open to him.

His parting phrase to the Rotarians was, “If you try, we’ll try. Talk to us about your needs.”