Association of Chiefs of Police Honor Oswego Officer

EAST SYRACUSE, NY – The Central New York Association of Chiefs of Police held its annual awards ceremony on Monday at Justin’s Grill in East Syracuse.

An Oswego police officer was one of the honorees.

Awards were presented to the Onondaga County Chapter of Chiefs of Police for outstanding collaboration in two major investigation, members of the public who have assisted law enforcement, officers who have distinguished themselves through outstanding performance in patrol or investigations, and officers who have put their lives on the line through heroic acts that have protected the lives of others.

In all, four citizens, twenty-four officers and one organization were recognized.

About 120 people attended the awards diner.

Tony Callisto, president of the Central New York Association of Chiefs of Police and Chief of Public Safety at Syracuse University, said “once again this year we have taken an opportunity to recognize officers who work hard to protect life and property in communities throughout our 11-county region as well as citizens who’ve stepped forward to help in those efforts. We are very proud of these officers and community members and we thank each of them for their dedication to public safety.”

HEROIC ACTION AWARD – Awarded to officers who intentionally placed themselves in grave risk of loss of life or serious injury in order to protect a fellow officer or member of the public.

Among those honored was Sergeant Damian Waters of the City of Oswego Police Department.

He was cited for his actions on Sept. 28, 2010.

On that day, four fishermen were pulled from the Oswego River after being swept away by fast-moving high water.

Two were pulled out of the water near the Bridge Street Bridge; the other two behind the former Coleman’s restaurant on West First Street, near where the river empties into lake Ontario. Two of them later died.

Oswego Fire Department personnel rescued two of them who were clinging to objects in the river near the Bridge Street Bridge. Those two victims were later evaluated by EMS and released.

Oswego Fire Chief Jeffery McCrobie and (then) Officer Waters both entered the water and pulled two additional men from the river near the former Coleman’s property.

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  1. Heroic Action Awards: This was a great and dangerous thing you did Sergeant Damian Waters & to Fire Chief Jeffery McCrobie for putting your self in danger to help these people. You deserve the award. I am glade you both survied thank god.

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