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September 22, 2018

ATV’ers Back Renzi

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</p>Dave Renzi (l) accepts the endorsement of ATV owners and enthusiasts from Oswego ATV Club President Steve Cronk (r).

Dave Renzi (l) accepts the endorsement of ATV owners and enthusiasts from Oswego ATV Club President Steve Cronk (r).

ATV owners and enthusiasts today backed Dave Renzi for State Senate, hailing his understanding and support for issues that affect the growing sport that’s increasingly important to the region’s tourist economy.

“ATVers are not ‘yahoos.’ They are hardworking men, women and young children from every walk of life who appreciate and enjoy the unique outdoors opportunities that our region has to offer,” said Renzi. “But this growing outdoor pastime is coming under increasing attack from downstate bureaucrats who just don’t get it.

“As Senator, I’ll stand up for members of the ATV community and show our opponents the growing value of ATVing to our region, our economy and our way of life,” said Renzi.

Renzi accepted the endorsement of the 1200-member Oswego County ATV Club, and applauded the group on its receipt of a grant from Yamaha to help construct a connector trail between Oswego and Jefferson Counties.

“When it comes to respecting and appreciating ATV owners and riders, Dave’s one of us,” said ATV Club President Steve Cronk. “He’ll fight to keep ATV trails open, improve trail access, and fight against Albany and Manhattan DEC bureaucrats who want to limit an activity that we enjoy.”

DEC officials have ignored pleas by ATVers to reopen miles of public roads that were closed to ATVers, effectively cutting off access to designated trails.

In addition, state bureaucrats have made it harder to legally operate certain types of ATVs, requiring owners to go to other states to register and insure their machines.

“Instead of supporting ATVers and encouraging the growth of the sport, bureaucrats are putting up roadblocks that take away their enjoyment and hurt our economy,” Renzi said.

Renzi vowed to fight efforts to unfairly restrict ATV access, and to work to improve and expand trails throughout the region.

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