Aubertine Applauds Increased Penalties for Pension Fraud

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State Sen. Darrel Aubertine today applauded the Governor for signing a new pension fraud law that makes the long-illegal practice of defrauding the state pension system a felony.

“As the state faces a severe fiscal crisis, pension fraud is costing taxpayers millions of dollars, and would cost even more once all these illegal pension recipients retire,” said Aubertine.  “The law has been clear for years and has been violated by attorneys across the state and in our own back yard. These increased penalties, I hope, will finally convince unethical attorneys that they will pay dearly for defrauding the taxpayers.”

The law passed the Senate in June, with Senator Aubertine’s strong support, and the governor signed it Friday.  While it has long been against the law to receive unauthorized credits, this new law sets in place civil and criminal penalties that punish contract attorneys who have been falsely listed as employees and collecting illegal benefits for years.  The new law is meant to finally end abuses of the state pension system.

“Any attorney who knows the law also knows that this behavior is illegal and has always been illegal,” said Aubertine. “Now they will know that defrauding the taxpayers is a felony.”

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  1. Does this law mean that Dave Renzi will be prosecuted for the misuse of pension credits? His office has done this it is a known fact and Dave Renzi said he did nothing wrong at the last debate– has he? Will he be blasted all over the tv as Dave Renzi has done to Sen Aubertine? Will Dave Renzi be fined?

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