Aubertine Disappointed with Failure to Act

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State Sen. Darrel J. Aubertine today expressed his disappointment that lawmakers returned to Albany, but took no action to modify this year’s budget to close budget gaps.

“I’m disappointed that the current Senate Majority failed to act on any proposal to modify the budget,” Sen. Aubertine said. “They failed to take their last best opportunity to do the right thing for the taxpayers of the state of New York. They came to the table with no solutions, only political rhetoric that put party politics ahead of people.”

Sen. Aubertine has expressed numerous concerns regarding the governor’s proposal, particularly mid-year reductions in school aid. However, the senator and his Democratic colleagues have not backed down from acknowledging the need to rein in spending. The Democratic Senate leadership proposed looking at about $2 billion in cuts that included parts of the governor’s proposal along with new suggestions, including the consolidation of certain state agencies and public authorities—a plan based on one proposed by Sen. Aubertine in October.

“We’re going to have to take the two billion we proposed to take out of this year’s budget and move to next year’s budget,” Sen. Aubertine said. “That means the deficit will move from close to $13 billion for next year to about $15 billion and make next year’s budget that much more difficult. We had an opportunity to act now, but the current Senate Majority leadership stood in the way of addressing the issue when the people are demanding solutions.”


  1. Nice try to shift the blame and make yourself look good Darryl! Dems have no appetite for cuts either… except for Gov. Paterson. Its all about the unions and getting re-elected isn’t it?

  2. “Its all about the unions and getting re elected “said George— Is this KIng george ( lower case letters used on purpose) This man is seeing his hold on the County of Oswego SLIP away! His GOP is dropping like flies! At least the Dems went to the meeting with some thoughts and ideas!! The “good old boys ” just went with blank piece of paper to show “they dont care ” about the little person! I for oneAGLAD DARREL is there fighting for me!

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