Aubertine Outspending Ritchie in Race for Senate

State Senator Darrel Aubertine has raised and spent a lot more money than his Republican opponent, though each has about the same amount of money left for the campaign’s final days.

Disclosure forms filed with the state Board of Elections show that Aubertine (D-Cape Vincent) about a third more money than Republican Patty Ritchie and has outspent her by a ratio of more than 2-1.

The filings, which are due 32 days before the November general election, show that Aubertine has received $11,786 from individual donors, while Ritchie received $41,303.  However, Aubertine’s came from approximately 95 individual donors, while Ritchie received her much larger total from a much smaller group of donors — 14.

Only $700 of Ritchie’s $41,303 came from individual donors within the Senate district.  She received the vast majority of the money from the metro New York City area.

Aubertine received 29 donations worth $27,250 that fall into the “other” category, most of which are contributions from political action committees. Ritchie received just 9 “other” contributions, but they were worth $35,000 to her campaign.

Aubertine received $78,100 in transfers from other campaign committees, compared to just $1,640 in transfers for Ritchie. Nearly all of Aubertine’s transfers came from the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee, the organization that funds Democrats in State Senate campaigns. Aubertine’s seat is crucial to his party, which holds just a two vote majority in the Senate.

So far, Aubertine has outspent Ritchie by more than a 2-1 ratio. Aubertine’s campaign has spent more than $233,000, while Ritchie has spent about $98,000.

Each campaign has roughly the same amount of money left for the final month of the campaign. Aubertine has $50.605 in cash on hand as of the filing date, while Ritchie has $42,493.