Aubertine Property Tax Plan Would Provide Real Relief

Submitted article

In recent days, David Renzi Esq., has been spreading false information about Senator Darrel Aubertine’s record on the property tax cap and about Darrel’s comprehensive plan to reduce property taxes.  In addition, Mr. Renzi seems to be promoting as new the very tax cap and mandate relief that Darrel voted for earlier this year.

“It is clear that Mr. Renzi either does not understand the property tax issue or is purposely misleading people about Darrel’s property tax cut plan,” said Cort Ruddy, Aubertine Campaign Coordinator.  “The fact is that Darrel voted to cap property taxes, voted to end unfunded mandates and has a plan to target relief to those who need it most.  What Mr. Renzi is talking most about has already passed the Senate.”

Darrel’s plan would cap taxes, end unfunded mandates and target tax relief to the people in Central and Northern New York who need it most, by capping individual property tax bills based on their ability to pay.

“Despite Mr. Renzi’s claims, Darrel’s plan does not touch the Basic STAR deduction that appears on property tax bills, nor does it touch the Enhanced STAR for seniors,” said Mr. Ruddy. “What it does is fold the STAR rebate check program, which costs $7 million just to cut and send checks to everyone across the state, into a targeted STAR Circuit Breaker program that is more efficient and better helps the people who need it most.”

The Aubertine property tax plan would save taxpayers $7 million in administrative costs and cap how much an individual pays in property taxes at no more than 6% of their income for anyone making less than $90,000 a year, and a slightly increased percentage up to $250,000 a year.  Under his plan, a family from Central or Northern New York making $40,000 that pays $3500 in property taxes would get a $770 automatic reduction in their taxes – that is on top of their basic STAR exemption.  Under the current program, that same family would only get about $300 rebate check.  Since the average household income in Central and Northern New York is about $35,000, this plan would greatly benefit many working families and seniors on a fixed income.

“Maybe, Mr. Renzi’s real problem with this plan is that people making more than $250,000 a year will only benefit from the tax cap and the mandate relief portion, and will not receive targeted relief beyond their existing Basic STAR reduction,” said Mr. Ruddy.  “But Darrel’s plan will actually reduce, and not just slow the growth, of property tax bills for the seniors and for the families that need it most.”

Darrel is not alone in his support of a STAR circuit breaker, and folding the STAR rebate checks into that program to bring real relief.  Both Assemblyman Will Barclay and Assemblywoman DeDe Scozzafava have co-sponsored a similar solution in the Assembly (A1575).  Darrel believes the STAR Circuit Breaker, property tax cap and mandate relief will work together to stop taxes from growing and also reduce property tax bills.