Aubertine Secures $1.02 Million For City Of Oswego

OSWEGO, NY – State Sen. Darrel J. Aubertine announced Tuesday that he has secured more than $1.02 million for the city of Oswego.

The funding will enable the city to purchase equipment needed to better serve city residents without increasing property taxes to do so.

“This equipment will meet some immediate needs for the city of Oswego, to help the city maintain services, including road construction and snow removal,” Sen. Aubertine said. “In Central and Northern New York, we all know the difficulties that our cities face, balancing the need to provide services and keep property taxes from rising. The equipment this funding will purchase will help the city Department of Public Works continue operating efficiently for city residents without adding to the property tax burden. I want to thank the mayor, the council and city employees for their work to secure this funding.”

“On behalf of the taxpayers of the city of Oswego, I would like to thank Senator Aubertine for securing this grant,” Oswego Mayor Randy Bateman said. “When I spoke to Sen. Aubertine and explained our tough budget situation, he immediately recognized the need that the city had for this equipment and offered to help.”

The Senate capital funding which Sen. Aubertine secured on behalf of the city will be used to meet what city officials called their “most pressing heavy equipment needs,” including two snowplows and a machine designed to clean the city’s sewers.

This funding enables the city to maintain services for its citizens without raising property taxes.

“The equipment that will be purchased using this grant funding will have an immediate impact on the capabilities of our Department of Public Works in how they are able to maintain our infrastructure,” Mayor Bateman continued. “In our location, next to Lake Ontario, the new snowplows will most certainly have a positive impact on clearing our streets of snowfall. The other equipment will be used to maintain our infrastructure. We are certainly appreciative of Sen. Aubertine’s efforts to improve our equipment inventory and save our taxpayers over one million dollars.”