Aubertine Secures $4.5M for Fulton Health Care

Submitted by Sen. Darrel Aubertine (D-Cape Vincent)

FULTON — State Sen. Darrel J. Aubertine today announced that he has secured critical funding to enable Oswego Health to maintain and build upon the services provided at the Fulton Medical Center which include urgent care, medical imaging and laboratory services.

“This additional funding will help Oswego Health complete its transition expanding on the services available through existing funding, saving jobs here in Fulton and putting this facility in a position to provide a maximum number of services,” Sen. Aubertine said. “While we could not roll back the Berger Commission recommendations that were made well before I took office, my focus has been on making the best of a difficult situation. Securing this funding will ensure that Oswego Health is fully able to stay involved in the healthcare needs of Fulton.”

The Senator, in working to save A.L. Lee Memorial, secured a one-year extension for the facility, though the state Department of Health’s decision had been made. He worked with the DOH to direct $17.8 million in HEAL grant funding to Oswego Health for the facility. This new funding of $4.5 million provides Oswego Health with the capital it needs to renovate the facility.

“We are extremely grateful to the Senator for all that he has done to enable us to provide quality healthcare services here in Fulton,” said Ann C. Gilpin, CEO of Oswego Health. “He has always been open and accessible, meeting the interests of his constituents in working to maintain and improve healthcare delivery in Oswego County. He was instrumental in securing the HEAL funding we needed and we are especially thankful for his efforts to bring home this critically needed funding.”