Auburn Too Tough For Oswego

Oswego volleyball faced a tough host in Auburn tonight (March 31).

Auburn has put together some very good teams the last few years and this year’s team is a tough group to play against as well.

The first half we rushed our offensive possessions a little too much and had a lot of unforced errors on our part.

We were down 10-1 at the half way marker.

The second half though we got on the board twice and Auburn three times.

The last half of the game we slowed down and settled in a lot better than we did in the first half of the game.

I am very happy with our draw control game, we were able to get several key possessions of the draw tonight and it allowed us some good movement.

A game like this is a good learning experience as we can see where we played well and where we need to work a little harder.

Most of our turnovers were on the offensive end of the field and we did a good job with neutral zone and defensive end possessions.

We need to take care of the ball on the offensive end and things will fall into place for us.

We will play host to ESM and head to Syracuse next week and we look forward to improving every day.

As the season progresses, we will as a team as well.


Date of Contest:    3/31/17      Opponent:   Auburn

Scores: Oswego: 3       Auburn: 13

Maddie Bell – goal (1 point)
Kelsey Cullinan – 2 goals (2 points)
Lauren Devinny – assist ( 1 point)
Hannah Koster – assist ( 1 point)
Mackenzie Rice – assist ( 1 point)
Bree Konu – 5 saves

Records:  League:  0 – 0   Overall: 0 – 1

Submitted by Coach Theodore (Teddy) Beers
Physical Education Teacher
Volleyball and Lacrosse Coach
Oswego City School District