Auctions: A DIY’ers Ultimate Resource

DIY-Do It Yourself, an acronym which has been in common usage since the 1950’s and commonly referred to home renovations, and small art or construction projects.  DIY today has a broader interpretation and can include almost anything that is created out of sheer ingenuity.  Here’s a prime example; as flat screen televisions have replaced the older bulky televisions many households are eliminatin entertainments centers which housed those televisions. The question is, what do you do with that entertainment center?  It seems like a shame to just throw it out and no one else wants it.  Well, some ingenious person repurposed an entertainment center and turned it into a child’s play kitchen, which is pure brilliance!  DIY has become more than just fixing something or basic remodeling, it has come to include repurposing, recycling, and reusing and because of this a new era of DIY’ers has evolved.

Here is where auctions come into play.  There are many types of auctions selling everything from livestock and farm equipment to designer handbags and real estate.  There is truly something for everybody at an auction.  If you are the Do-It-Yourself’er that is remodeling a home, there’s an auction that is selling new construction materials with lumber, bathroom vanities, kitchen cabinets, and most everything else you need.  If you are the DIY’er that is making hand-painted eggs and you want those eggs to come from your own chickens, there’s an auction selling chickens.  If you make quilts only using vintage fabrics, an auction will have it.  If you turn silverware into jewelry or wind chimes, an auction is your best bet.  You name it and you can find it at an auction.  Auctionzip.com and your local auction companies are your best resources for finding auctions.  Auctionzip.com allows you to find auctions based on your zip code and the radius you select and you will be provided with all of the currently listed auctions within that radius.  Some auction companies have mailing lists and you can request to be placed on a mailing list so that you are provided with a postcard or email notifying you of upcoming auctions.

Now whether you are a DIY’er with an objective or you are a wannabe DIY’er and seek ideas for making your own creations there are numerous popular websites that have the DIY’er in mind and three of those sites are Pinterest, Etsy, and the DIY Network.  Pinterest is a website where people can post anything that is creative, innovative, enriching or as the website states, “Pinterest is a Virtual Pinboard.”  Pinterest has a DIY and Crafts category that focuses on do-it-yourself projects specifically.  Etsy is an online marketplace where only homemade items can be sold so all of the super creative DIY’ers can list and sell their items and actually make money doing what they enjoy.  The DIY Network website focuses on the larger scale do-it-yourself projects that are much more involved like complete home renovations including plumbing, electrical, etc.

Whatever your level of DIY ambition is, auctions are your ultimate resource to complete those projects.  Auctions are plentiful and full of items that you can buy at a great price.  Part of being a DIY’er is that you are taking on a project that you have a personal investment in and when you finally complete it, it is a great feeling of accomplishment.  Look for auctions today so that tomorrow you are one step closer to that accomplishment.

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