Audrey Munson, America’s First Supermodel

To The Editor:

Great, thanks to New Haven for its help giving a gravestone for Audrey Munson, America’s first supermodel.

I rediscovered her, and an article was printed in the New York TImes in 1996.

This led directly to the first Munson biography in 1999.

I asked the U.S. Postal Service about my application for a stamp and was told it had been rejected in 2000, but that it can be resubmitted.

Come on, USPS – only male sculptors get stamps?

Can someone else please send a letter to give her work the national honor it deserves?
Citizens Stamp Advisory Committee
U.S. Postal Service
475 L’Enfant Plaza, SW, Room 3300
Washignton, DC 20260-0004

Barry Popik

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  1. Thanks for bringing this lady’s amazing journey to our attention. History seems to be losing except for old newspaper files and the like.
    This story would make an excellent movie by the way, someone needs to put pen to script or book and get it done.

    Her image and likeness apparently is all over old buildings in New York City, maybe when they are in the process of modernizing some of the buildings, we can get one of her old statues sent up her to put on her gravesite to honor her beauty and her contribution to art!

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