Auer Enjoys Solid State Swim Competiton

Submitted by coach Josh Lerch

Oswego swimmer Michaela Auer was able to compete at the New York State Swimming and Diving Championship meet in Buffalo this weekend as a result of her school record-setting performance at Sectionals two weeks ago.  Only a sophomore, this is the first time that she has qualified for the meet.  Her event, the 100 yard breaststroke, was a strong one at the meet with 64 girls qualifying.  Michaela was ranked 57th going into the meet.

Michaela was able to rebreak her own school record in the event by finishing in 1:10.36.  In addition to setting a new school record, she also was able to move up 18 places to finish an impressive 39th in the event.

The state meet can be a very overwhelming experience for many swimmers new to the meet.  However, Michaela was able to rise to that level of competition as she competed against the fastest swimmers in the state.  This was a perfect ending to a break-out sophomore season for Michaela.  She is a very strong swimmer, in mind and body, and she has set herself up for a bright future in state level competition.  Making it to States is very difficult, but swimming fast there is even harder.  She accomplished both of these feats and with 15 of the 38 girls ahead of her in her event graduating this year, she will be poised to make an even bigger impact next year at the State Championship meet.