Author Kevin Caraccioli Discusses Writing

OSWEGO, NY – At Thursday’s meeting of the Oswego Sunrise Rotary Club, Kevin Caraccioli told how his first grade teacher gave him a nickname that became the kernel of his children’s books.

Attorney Caraccioli wanted to write a book.

The birth of his son rekindled that desire.

Kevin Caraccioli is greeted by Rotarian Charile Young, left.
Kevin Caraccioli is greeted by Rotarian Charile Young, left.

Remembering Mrs. Mosher’s nickname, “Kevin Bobevin,” he decided to try his hand at writing.

The task was far more difficult than he imagined.

His active legal practice did not allow him much time for writing.

After much effort the first draft of the book was completed.

Caraccioli paid $25 to have his book reviewed.

He was told that he has some good points but needed to edit it 50 more times.

He discussed his work with writing groups and finally submitted it to publishers.

He received many rejections but finally found a publisher willing to accept his manuscript.

The publisher assisted him in finding a illustrator and Sail Away the Adventures of Kevin Bobevin, was born.

A second book, Fly Away, has been published and a third is waiting to find a publisher.

On Saturday, at the YMCA Armory, Caraccioli and 11 other authors will be discussing writing and how to get published from 11 a.m. until 4 p.m. at an event called “Day of Literacy.”