Author Spotlight To Shine On Merlyn Fuller At Fulton Arts Fest

FULTON, NY –  On June 14 at 2 p.m., the CNY Arts Center will be offering a wonderful event as part of the Fulton Arts Fest.

The Author Spotlight will be focusing that day on Merlyn Fuller, Renaissance Faire and traditional musician and now author. Her music and a book reading will be great entertainment for you! It’s taking place at the Arts in the HeART Gallery is located in the heart of Fulton, at 47 S. First St., across from the city’s gazebo.

Fairy Tales & Horror Stories
Fairy Tales & Horror Stories

A Central New York musician, Fuller, has written a 288-page memoir recalling her North Country childhood and her counter-cultural adulthood.

Her first book, Fairy Tales & Horror Stories: A Memoir, finds her pondering love, sex, music and spirituality. Shy as a child, she was vexed by her mother’s incessant spiritual seekings as they drove from one church to the other like lost pilgrims. Regardless, those seekings would come to define Fuller’s ride through life.

When she was growing up outside of Watertown, Fuller desired a horse.

As an adult, she desired a man who resembled Jesus.

Along the way, she describes two terrifying encounters she had – decades apart – with an infamous serial murderer.

But most of the memoir focuses on less sensational but no less harrowing everyday experiences, from wearing Mary Janes to eating paint chips to quitting cigarettes to eating raw veggies.

Farm girl, flower child, a pirate and a performer, Fuller has lived an unusually full life.

“Occasionally, readers may find themselves in the story, as well, trying to find their life purpose as I describe looking for my own,” she said.

A talented 12-string guitar strummer, Fuller works alongside her husband, Wayne “Harry” Fuller, in the folk duo Merry Mischief.

Her self-published memoir takes readers on the road from Renaissance fairs to rock ’n roll clubs.

She laughingly recalls offbeat weddings at which she functioned as both entertainer and referee, and she reflects on her own two marriages and shares both the euphoria and heartache of motherhood.

Jen Butler, a local woman who reviewed Fairy Tales & Horror Stories on, closely identified with Fuller’s story.

“As she recalls the tales from her past, I’m taking the journey with her. We go to warm, cozy places where I’ve been before, terrifying unimaginable places where I never want to go, and then to magical and merry places where I never imagined I’d like to go, but do! I cried. I laughed out loud. I felt sick to my stomach. I lost sleep. I ached. I rejoiced. I smiled from my soul. To say this book took me on a wild and weird ride is an understatement,” she noted.

“I hope that my searchings inspire bravery in my readers,” Fuller said. “When they see me going through some wild changes in life, trying new things which sometimes fail and sometimes succeed, I always tried taking the next step even if it meant redefining myself.  And, well, I hope that makes them brave enough to create their own changes, too.”