Author team pens new book sharing the history of Pulaski

Pulaski and the Town of Richland.

Pulaski and the Town of Richland.

The newest pictorial history published by Arcadia Publishing and authored by Lawrence Petry and the Pulaski Historical Society is titled Pulaski and the Town of Richland.

It’s set to release on December 15.

Pulaski and the Town of Richland.
Pulaski and the Town of Richland.

The book boasts more than 200 images depicting scenes of days gone by.

In 1801, the first settlers to the Pulaski and Richland area arrived on the eastern shores of Lake Ontario.

These communities were shaped by notable personalities, including early residents Nathan Tuttle, Benjamin Winch and the Mathewson family; tavern owner Pliny Jones; store owner Capt. John Meacham; businessman Charles Tollner; banker Robert Ingersoll; and philanthropist John Ben Snow.

They built businesses and industries, shops and homes and schools and churches that impacted and defined the town.

Relying on the area’s natural resources, the Salmon River was harnessed to power mills and later lured thousands of fishermen to its waters.

The Selkirk Lighthouse became a prominent landmark at the mouth of that river.

Highlights of Pulaski and the Town of Richland include:

• The Pulaski Historic District has been listed on the NYS and National Registers of Historic Places since 1983.
• A number of the images were provided from the private collections of Andy Gibbs of Pulaski and Dick Gorski of Williamstown.
• Noted nineteenth century Syracuse architect Archimedes Russell designed four of the buildings still standing in Pulaski.
• There’s a chapter in the book that talks about the industrial, commercial and recreational uses of the Salmon River.

The book will be available at area bookstores, independent retailers, online retailers or through Arcadia Publishing at (888)-313-2665 or online.

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