Backus To Forgo Run For Congress

Michael C. Backus

Michael Backus

MEXICO, NEW YORK – Michael C. Backus, Oswego County Clerk, said today (Jan. 15) regarding New York’s 22nd Congressional District:

Michael C. Backus
Michael C. Backus

“After much thought, consideration, and prayer, I have decided to forgo a campaign for Congress and instead seek a second term as Oswego County Clerk this fall.

“First, I must thank my family, friends, and supporters who were nothing short of spectacular as we considered this opportunity. My wife, Andrea, my parents, in-laws, coworkers, friends, and supporters time and time again were there to help me think through what it would take to run for Congress. This decision came down to what is best for my family.

“There is no perfect time to run for Congress. There is just the right time. When
Maddy and Joey are a little older perhaps we’ll revisit running for higher office; but right now we’re happy right where we are.

“Second, there is still work to be done in Oswego County. One thing I wanted to do during this process was elevate the stature of my home county within this congressional district. No successful candidate for Congress can now ignore Oswego County. If they ever do, they won’t be in Congress long.

“Oswego County needs its political leaders to be focused on ending the generational poverty and high unemployment that has gripped this region for decades. I look forward to being part of that conversation and pledge to do whatever I can personally, politically, and professionally to move us all

“Lastly, thank you to all those who encouraged me to run for Congress. I know I am letting some of you down, and please know how difficult a decision this truly was for me.

“I still strongly believe that this country needs a new generation of common sense leadership and we as a nation need leaders who ignore party labels and find solutions to our most challenging problems. Together, we must send someone to Washington who will vote with the best interest of NY-22 at heart and work in collaboration with their colleagues. That’s the kind of person I’ll be voting for both in the primary and the general election.”

Backus is a 32 year-old native of Mexico, where he resides with his wife, Andrea, daughter, Madelynne, and son, Joseph Austin.

He was elected Oswego County Clerk in 2012 and is the youngest County Clerk in NYS.