Barclay: Board of Regents Recommendations on Common Core Overdue but ‘Good First Step’

Assemblyman Will Barclay released the following statement today (Feb. 11) following the news that the State Board of Regents has recommended full implementation of Common Core standards be delayed by five years, among other recommendations.

“I’m pleased to hear the State Board of Regents has finally recognized its flawed implementation of Common Core. I’ve heard from many, many constituents, educators and students, since before school started in September, who all agree that the Common Core’s implementation has been unnecessarily difficult and rushed. Public forums like the one my Assembly colleagues and I held in Baldwinsville late last year, and others that were held throughout the state, made our collective voices heard. I look forward to learning more about the Board of Regents recommendations and also look forward to how a recently-appointed panel on Common Core will recommend the state modify Common Core for our 4,000 schools.”

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  1. Seems it is time to STOP trying to make 2+2 equal 5. It won’t no matter what yopu do. It’s time the Board of Regents STOPPED trying to validate themselves and their high paying jobs. All they are doing is making school unnecessarily difficult for students and teachers. The final analysis of which will be more drop outs. 2+2 will always be 4. I had a better education than my grandchildren because we were taught math, reading, writing ect. not what ever they are putting out as math. They no longer teach cursive writing. What else has this replaced.

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