Barclay Calls for Rules Reform

Assemblyman Will Barclay joined his legislative colleagues at a press conference outside of the Assembly Chamber Wednesday afternoon to call for sweeping rules reform.

The proposed reforms would redefine the chamber’s parliamentary operations in an effort to empower all members. The needed changes also aim to promote trust and engender accountability.

“As legislators, we have a serious responsibility to galvanize the public trust.  After the arrest of the Speaker, it became apparent that we have a lot of work to do,” said Barclay. “That is why these reforms are so critical. We need to show New Yorkers across the state that we can conduct ourselves with integrity, and these rule changes are the best way to start.”

Barclay designated the following reforms as “particularly critical:”

– Eight-year term limits for the speaker, legislative leaders and committee chairs.

– Broadcasting committee hearings and making committee votes public information.

– Allowing each member of the Assembly to bring one piece of important legislation to the floor for a debate and an up-or-down vote.