Barclay Co-Sponsors Legislation to Help Family Farms Upstate

Assemblyman Will Barclay said he was pleased the Governor signed a tax cap assessment for farmers into law this week.

A165 will cap assessments for farm land from year to year.

The current farm land assessment can increase up to 10% each year.

This law will cap that assessment at 2% growth for farm land.

Barclay was a co-sponsor of this bill in the Assembly.

“I’m pleased this measure was signed into law. It is a good bill, which will directly help farmers and keep the taxes more manageable, despite land value increases in some areas of the state,” said Barclay. “The current tax cap assessment is much too high for the family farm and puts increased burdens on farmers who see extreme fluctuations in commodities and growing conditions from year to year. I am pleased this lower tax cap has become law, as it will help farmers in my Assembly district and throughout the state.”