Barclay Defends New Yorkers’ Second Amendment Rights

Assemblyman Will Barclay (R,C,I,-Pulaski) said including language that would govern gun manufacturers in a budget bill is ludicrous.  This is a stand-alone issue, Barclay said.  Barclay opposes microstamping because it would put unnecessary burdens on gun manufacturers and has not proven to be successful.

The Assembly budget bill A9055C is 73 pages long and includes topics ranging from  disaster preparedness and state contracting, as well as microstamping.

“Microstamping does not have a place in a budget bill. Last year, I voted against a similar measure in the Assembly when it was brought to the floor as a stand-alone bill.  This is yet another attempt by New York City special interests to restrict our constitutional rights,” said Barclay. “Microstamping is nothing but a costly hindrance to Upstate manufacturers and has proven to be ineffective.”

Microstamping has been a controversial issue in New York for many years.  It would force manufacturers to produce a unique alpha-numeric or geometric code on the firing pin identifying the make, model, and serial number of the pistol. Manufacturers would bear the cost of implementing this new regulation. The success of this technology is unproven.

“Gun manufacturers have yet to devise technology that can ensure the make, model, and serial number of the pistol is coded into an expended cartridge.  Further, it could force firearms manufacturers out of New York,” said Barclay.

Last year, the Assembly passed this measure but the Senate did not.

“I have voted against this measure in the past. If there is going to be anti-gun legislation then it should crack down on possession of illegal firearms and crack down on the criminals who use them, not on the law-abiding citizens of New York and the gun manufacturers,” said Barclay. “Further, including this in a budget bill is politics at its best in the Assembly Democratic majority.  These all-encompassing budget bills force lawmakers to vote yes or no on a whole slew of items that should be addressed individually.”

There will be an annual sportsmen Day in Albany on March 20 from 9 a.m. to noon.

Barclay invites anyone interested in protecting Second Amendment Rights to join him in Albany that day.

For more information, call (315) 598-5185.


  1. Thanks, Will, for stating what is right and what is wrong.
    The Assembly is trying to pull a fast one as usual.

  2. As a police officer, gun owner, and NRA Life of Duty member, I applaud Assemblyman Barclay for supporting my Constitutional Rights and for not falling victim to the fallacy of “law enforcement support” for microstamping.

  3. Keep em straight Will, Keep em straight.
    3 independent studies have debunked Microstamping.

    1- The National Academy of Sciences was commissioned by U.S. Department of Justice to perform a study on microstamping. They say:
    Report Advises Against New National Database of Ballistic Images
    National Database Would Be of Limited Usefulness
    Claims of Certainty About ‘Matches’ Without Firm Grounding
    Microstamping Should Be Studied

    2- A study on Microstamping performed by the Suffolk County Crime Lab in Hauppauge says this in its findings.
    “The final test involved subjecting [microstamping] to intentional defacement. The entire process was easily accomplished in approximately one minute’s time with no special equipment or knowledge needed.” This one fault alone shows it will not deter criminals.

    3- A study commissioned by California state legislators was performed by the University of California at Davis. They found that:
    “Each individual that analyzes these cartridge cases will potentially obtain different results.This is due to [illegibility] of the encoding structures and alphanumeric characters.”
    They also recommend AGAINST mandating microstamping firearms.
    “At the current time it is not recommended that a mandate for implementation of this technology in all semiautomatic handguns in the state of California be made.”


  4. Even the California Police Chiefs Association are not in favor of microstamping.

    “California Police Chiefs Association has sent a letter to California Attorney General Edmund Brown, urging further study of the efficacy of “microstamping,” before California’s law mandating use of that technology is implemented.”

    “In the letter, CPCA Acting President Susan E. Manheimer wrote, “There are too many unanswered questions with microstamping in its current iteration” and raised concerns that “statements about the capabilities of microstamping may have been technologically premature.””

    Continue reading on California police chiefs now question value of ‘microstamping’ – St. Louis gun rights |

  5. For those that can’t drive Oswego/Onadaga Co have buses going to the March 20th Rally in Albany

    Pickup locations are Pulaski Tractor Supply and Cicer Gander Mtn. at 5:30 and 6 am

    [email protected] (315) 882-1540

    Will is supporting us. Now lets all grab a friend and show up to support Will. Our pro 2nd amendment assemblypersons are well outnumbered by the anti’s. Lets show up and be counted.

  6. easly defeated, get your gun and order a new firing pin from an aftermarket vendor no microcrap stamp no trace data no problem. OK also one can alter the barel on the inside making any identifing fingerprint usless, also if you did use the firearm in self defence of your life just alter the pin face with a few small file marks, and pien it somewhat (changing the fingerprint) so trace data will be useless or just re-install the microcrap stamp creating a casing that says you were no where near the place whatever happened. So I have just demonstrated how useless and stupid micro stamping the fireing pin is and just how much more ignorant the people sugesting it are. These are just a few ways to defeat trace data
    there are so many different ways to defeat any measure generally these are called counter measeres (for educational purposes only and should not be done unless it is to protect yourself from an intrusive overzellous government entity, but doing any of these counter measures may result in prison time from a government that ignores the second amendment to the constitution remember the document that IS the law of the United States)

  7. Every time this comes up, it should be required to be used by all state and local law enforcement agencies for at least five years before being required for non LEO Citizens. If the program is successful, then it can be expanded. But my bet is you’ll see it dropped so fast it makes your head spin. IIRC, police are usually exempt from these proposals anyway, yes? Hmmmmmm……

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