Barclay: Democratic Majority’s Inability to Govern Could Lead To Shutdown of State

Assemblyman Will Barclay (R,C,I- Pulaski) issued the following statement regarding the potential shutdown of state government on Monday due to the Majorities in the Legislature inability to reach an agreement on the 2010-11 State Budget and the 11th Emergency Spending Bill.

“It’s unfortunate that after more than two months of backroom negotiations, it has come to the possibility that state government could shut down due to Democratic infighting over the State budget. Even though the Democrats control both houses of the Legislature and the Governor’s office, to date they have not been able to reach an agreement while continuing to leave Republican minorities out of the discussion. The last two months are a clear indicator to taxpayers that the Democratic leadership in this state is unable to put the state financially back on track.

New Yorkers cannot afford this political bickering anymore. It would be disastrous to shut down state government. The budget process must be opened up to the rank-and-file members of the legislature and we must stay in Albany and pass a budget without further delay.”