Barclay Expresses Disappointment with Entergy’s NRC Filing

OSWEGO – Assemblyman Will Barclay today (Nov. 18) said he is disappointed and discouraged that Entergy has filed for closure with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

“I’m very disappointed with the news that Entergy has filed with the NRC and I urge that talks continue with the Governor.  I’m going to continue to work to do what I can to keep the plant operational,” said Barclay.

Filing with the NRC begins a new process that could potentially lead to decommissioning of FitzPatrick.

Barclay said he will work against the plant being decommissioned.

“I will continue to fight to keep this plant open and do all I can to keep clean, carbon-free power being produced in New York,” said Barclay.

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  1. Lots of BS in such a small space! Most of us know that eliminating corporate income tax since people are the only tax payers would be a boon to growth. But we keep electing these fools.

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