Barclay: Failure To Pass Welfare Reform Will Cost State $120M In Federal Aid

Assemblyman Will Barclay on Friday expressed disappointment over the failure of the Assembly Majority to pass meaningful welfare reform, costing the state $120 million in federal aid.

Barclay is a co-sponsor of several welfare reform bills including the Public Assistance Integrity Act, a measure which already passed the state Senate this year but has received scant attention from the Assembly Majority.

By failing to enact basic, common-sense reform measures that would end the use of Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) cards at strip clubs and on cigarettes and alcohol, a program that provides help to vulnerable families in need of public assistance will lose $120 million in federal funding.

“Missing a deadline to enact common-sense welfare reform measures cheats our taxpayers and the families truly in need of public assistance,” said Barclay. “We should not be allowing our tax dollars to go to people who abuse public assistance by using it for cigarettes, alcohol and other illicit activities. I’m saddened by the failure of the Assembly Majority to take action on the bi-partisan Public Assistance Integrity Act. Their inaction will cost New York $120 million in federal aid to help families looking for a hand up during our troubled economic times.”

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  1. How is it possible to use EBT cards anywhere like casinos or to purchase alcohol or anything but food? If it is possible, why isn’t it caught by Social Services computers or denied on site? I shop with my card and if I purchase other items with it I have to pay out of pocket for those. How do people get away with it? I wouldn’t even consider doing something like that. Gee Whiz. I am thankful that I’m allowed the $67.00 a month. Prices have sky-rocketed in the last six months. Some items went up dollars not just cents. Sad.
    A signal was put up on W. Broadway and W. Second St. here in Fulton and I wish that it would be permanent. It makes it safer for children and adults to cross to shop at the businesses across Broadway. If coordinated with the one on W. First it shouldn’t interfere with traffic flow. Is there a way that you can convince NYSDOT to retain that signal?
    Thank you for listening.

    Mary Ann Cartner

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