Barclay: Lack of Accountability and Transparency Produces Near Complete Budget Without Necessary Cuts

Assemblyman Will Barclay (R,C,I—Pulaski) issued the following statement regarding the Assembly finishing 75% of 2010-2011 State Budget bills

The total lack of transparency and accountability over the last two months, and eleven emergency extenders, has left a majority of the state budget completed, but only half of the $9.2 billion budget deficit addressed. While today’s budget legislation looked to close part of that gap, rather than make the real spending cuts that are needed, it only did so through fee increases and more regulations on job-creating economic development programs, and by raiding other state funds. With only education budget legislation remaining, the Assembly and Senate Democratic majorities will likely turn to tax increases or state borrowing to close the remaining budget deficit, the exact policies that put New York into this fiscal crisis to begin with. I voted against today’s budget legislation and will continue to do so until the process is completed in a transparent and accountable way and the proper state spending cuts are made.”