Barclay: News of FitzPatrick Talks Should Propel PSC to Adopt Clean Energy Standards Quickly

Assemblyman Will Barclay released the following statement in support of the Public Service Commission’s new Clean Energy Standard in light of the news that Entergy and Exelon are in discussions to keep FitzPatrick operational.

On Wednesday (July 13), the Assemblyman submitted official testimony to the PSC in support of the standards.

“I encourage the Public Service Commission to act quickly to adopt the newly proposed Clean Energy Standard. With the news today of Entergy in discussions with Exelon, it is critical that this newly proposed standard becomes the state’s new policy. Nuclear power supplies 30% of the state’s electricity with 17.9% of the power coming from Upstate. Its power produces zero greenhouse gases and is reliable operating 24/7. To meet the 50% reduction in greenhouse gases by 2030, nuclear is essential to New York’s energy portfolio.

The talks indicate there is much hope but the outcome of these discussions depend largely on a new energy policy that values nuclear in the marketplace and one that would help keep electricity costs from increasing over the long run. This transformative energy policy was directed by Governor Cuomo late last year and I commend him for recognizing the value in nuclear.

I urge the PSC not to delay in adopting this new proposal to help protect New York’s vital assets to ensure that our future electricity needs are met with clean and efficient sources.”