Barclay: NYC Proposes Crackdown on Synthetic Drugs; Why Can’t State Assembly Increase Penalties?

Assemblyman Will Barclay released a statement Aug. 26 following news that the Speaker of the New York City council has proposed new penalties to crack down on synthetic drugs.

Wide-ranging health concerns continue among users across the state.

“The dangers of synthetic drugs have clearly been recognized far and wide. We need to pass legislation to better protect the public from synthetic drugs. It was recently reported that law enforcement officials seized 8,000 bags of K2, one of the many dangerous synthetic drugs, at a single deli in Harlem. In light of this epidemic, even members of the New York City Council, hardly a get-tough-on-crime institution, are pushing for new laws that would increase criminal penalties for those who deal in these dangerous drugs.  Further, the well-known, soft-on-crime Mayor of NYC Bill de Blasio supports these measures. If the Mayor and NY City Council recognize the need for tougher laws against synthetic drugs, why don’t the Democrats in the State Assembly? I sponsor comprehensive legislation that would, among other things, increase the criminal penalties for those who possess and sell synthetic drugs. For reasons unknown, Assembly Democrats in the State Assembly have continually blocked my legislation from getting to the floor of the Assembly for a vote. It is time for the Assembly Democrats to join their NYC brethren in recognizing the dangers of synthetic drugs and stop blocking legislation that will protect not only the citizens of the NYC but all citizens of New York state from the evils of these drugs.”