Barclay: Oswego Should Be Energy Mecca

Submitted article

Assemblyman Will Barclay (R,C,I—Pulaski) today expressed his strong support of the proposed nuclear energy plant in Oswego and said he will do all he can to facilitate the building of a fourth plant in the region.

“I was happy to speak of my support for the proposed plant at last night’s Nuclear Regulatory Commission meeting in Oswego,” said Barclay.  “This is a timely and advantageous project for our region—one that will create hundreds of high-paying jobs and will, without a doubt, benefit our entire local economy.

“Energy is a commodity that we can and should invest in, as the natural resources available here lend themselves to making this region an energy mecca.  I look forward to working with federal, state and local officials to make this a reality,” said Barclay.

New power plants are needed to meet the rising energy demands and nuclear power provides highly reliable electricity, that is not dependent on weather or climate.  The average-sized nuclear energy plant produces $430 million in sales of goods and services and almost $40 million in total labor income.  Nine Mile Point, one of the county’s largest employers, provides 900 jobs and in 2007, had a $96 million payroll.  The plant being proposed, UniStar, is a joint venture between Constellation and EDF Group.

“If our area doesn’t capitalize on this and support the new plant, another region or state will reap the tremendous economic benefits this plant promises.  The tax base is something to consider to, as Nine Mile Point provides more than $25 million in revenue to the town of Scriba, Oswego County and the City of Oswego.”