Barclay: Pistol Permit Renewal Yet Another Attack On Second Amendment Rights

Assemblyman Will Barclay (R,C,I—Pulaski) said today (May 15) a bill (A380) that is moving quickly through the State Assembly and is currently on the legislative calendar for a vote is yet another attack on Second Amendment Rights – the right to Bear Arms.

The Democratic majority-sponsored legislation would make it so that those holding a pistol permit would need to renew their permit every five years.

“This proposal serves no purpose, other than to limit access for responsible citizens to protect themselves and their property and to infringe again on sportsmen. It’s another layer of government and fees that responsible pistol permit owners do not need,” said Barclay. “In many cases, people invest in a pistol permit with the hope they will never have to use it to protect themselves from an intruder, for example. A pistol permit renewal of every five years is unnecessary.”

Barclay said he will vote against this measure when it reaches the Assembly floor.

There are already enough safeguards in the law to protect those who might not be responsible from legally holding a gun permit, he said.

For example, it is illegal for a person convicted of a felony or a domestic violence misdemeanor, suffering from a mental incapacity or subject to an order of protection to possess firearms.


  1. Why are those who own firearms legally being made to pay for crimes commited by those who steal or otherwise have “ownership” of guns? Geeze, we law abiding people pay for being law abiding? I don’t get it.

  2. The courts have handcuffed the law enforcement in New York that the last-ditch attempt at controlling crime is to attack the innocent, lawful person. Also it looks good on the “score sheet” of accomplishments that shows the electorate that they are doing something even though to NO effect. “Vote for me and I will ensure that no crime will exist when we ‘lock up the innocents’.” “Also everybody will have a new sidewalk in front of their houses” (you will have to pay for and maintain them, but you will have them). Sound familiar?

  3. It is a shame that New York State citizens are held hostage by New York City politicians. NYC should be a seperate goverment from the rest of the State, like D.C. In that way, the people of this State could enjoy more freedoms.

  4. Fortunatly we have a Republican state Senate that should be able to stop the commicrat bill. This should be a lesson to dumb sportsmen who vote democrat– Remember EVERY democrat is obligated to vote his partys agenda, and they do. Your 2nd amendment rights have fortunatly been protected by Republicans not Democrats. VOTE AMERICAN-Vote Republican

  5. God I can’t wait to retire so I can get to hell out of this communist state! Texas or Alaska save me a spot.

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