Barclay Renews Fight Against Synthetic Drugs

Assemblyman Will Barclay announced that he has renewed his fight against synthetic drugs.  Barclay has reintroduced his legislation that would give law enforcement better tools to help discourage synthetic drug use and sales.

Barclay said he continues to be concerned about synthetic drugs.

“This bill will provide more tools to law enforcement and close loopholes in the law,” said Barclay. “It will further empower the Commissioner of Health and put more penalties in place that law enforcement can use in their work in protecting the public.”

The comprehensive legislation addresses mislabeling, chemical swapping, and creates penalties for possessing and selling synthetic drugs.

A key provision of the bill is that it gives broader power to the Commissioner of Health to add chemicals to the list of controlled substances, rather than having the public wait for the Legislature to act to add to the list.

It also penalizes stores for selling mislabeled products when they are clearly intended to be used as drugs.

For example, some synthetic drugs have been labeled and sold as non-consumable products such as bath salts, shoe powder, and incense when they are, in fact, being used as drugs.

This legislation addresses these loopholes.

Teresa Woolson of Oswego and her family are advocating for this bill.

Woolson’s son, Victor, lost his battle with drugs in 2012 and died from injuries related to synthetic drug use.

“I thank Assemblyman Barclay and his staff for all the efforts they have made to help in the war on synthetic drugs. I hope that the many harmful effects and deaths that continue to happen from synthetic drugs will encourage the members of the New York State Senate and Assembly to take up these bills and get them passed,” said Woolson.

Woolson noted that less than 6% of the chemical compounds identified as synthetic drugs have been added to the federal controlled substance list.

Woolson has started the VOW Foundation in honor of her son, Victor Orlando Woolson.

She has a petition for community members to sign in support of this legislation at all events they participate in, as well as, the second annual Oswego County Substance Awareness Family Education Fair (SAFE Fair) which will take place April 26 in Oswego.