Barclay: State Funds Will Help Flood Recovery Efforts but More Help Needed

Assemblyman Will Barclay issued the following statement after it was announced that funds will be made available for municipalities to repair roads, sewer and water infrastructure affected by flooding along Lake Ontario.

Lake Ontario has risen 18 inches since April 12 and is expected to rise 4 more inches by June 12.

“I applaud Governor Cuomo for providing relief funds to help municipalities recover from these devastating floods along Lake Ontario. These funds will specifically help repair roads, flood walls, culverts and sidewalks. The funding will also help protect public water and sewer infrastructure. High lake levels have caused severe erosion, impeded businesses, and caused substantial property damage to both homes and businesses. Though more assistance is needed for private property owners, this funding is a good first step and will help repair important public infrastructure impacted by the record-high waters,” said Barclay.