Barclay: State Grants Will Help Fulton with Former Nestle’s Site, Phoenix Properties

Assemblyman Will Barclay released the following statement today (Jan. 26) after it was announced that the village of Phoenix and the city of Fulton were awarded grants through the state’s Restore New York Communities initiative.

The city of Fulton was awarded $350,000 to assist with infrastructure costs at the Nestle’s site on 481 and the village of Phoenix was awarded $500,000 to rehabilitate two dilapidated properties and turn them into commercial and retail use.

“I am thrilled both the city of Fulton and the village of Phoenix were awarded the Restore New York grants. Both projects are a positive step for both communities and I am glad they were selected in this latest round of funding. For the city of Fulton, this funding will help the city move forward with its plan to make use of the former Nestle’s site. The Restore NY funds will help the city make the property marketable for future economic development. Likewise, the project in the village of Phoenix will take two dilapidated properties in the village and will turn the buildings around to make much-needed commercial retail space. What is exciting is that these projects can be transformative for both communities. I applaud the hard work of the local leaders and community members who have worked diligently to put together a successful plan of action.”


  1. Yes! Yes!…It’s about time we got a grant to help a little with the Nestles’ site infrastructure…Thank You State…

  2. Great news for Fulton and Phoenix today. Our thanks to Assemblyman Barclays for the help with this. Now we’ll see how long it will take for somebody to make this into a negative thing.

  3. I see from looking at the City Republican Chairman’s site Mr. Myers’ wish is coming true. Be careful what you wish for you will get it. Now to add to it. Let’s see how the city leaders will waste this money. Oh by the way this was a Grant your buddy Will didn’t have anything to do with it. Nor did you or Mr. Castiglia. It was the grant writer and the CDA. Thank you Mr. Furimara.

  4. Now if I ask a question here is that considered NEGATIVE? In the article the Mayor said that this money “can’t be used for the ongoing demolition at the site, but will be used to develop the location for Aldi and other perspective buyers” What does that mean. I thought the contract was to Demo the site and have it shovel ready for Aldi’s. The Mayor has said several times that after they take down the buildings they will bring it to street level. Implying the contractor was responsible to do that work in the Demo contract. Just asking here I hope Mr. Myers doesn’t deem this NEGATIVE. Like I said before this is great but let’s use the money for infrastructure not to pay for something that was suppose to be in the original deal.

  5. It would be beneficial for Fulton to assign custody of this grant money to a third-party with some fiscal prowlness and responsibility. To date, the city has demonstrated poor financial stewardship and decision making , leading to overages and expenditures that even an amateur financier might avoid. I know this is too much to ask. I just hate to see all that money wasted on some silly decision.

  6. Mr. Castiglia, it doesn’t say anything like that in the article here. You are confusing it with the other Oswego county site that you troll. This article only mentions that the grant happened. The other website has all the details you mention. Go ask your question there. Yes its negative because you are asking a question openly and only the mayor can answer for what he has said in the past. Not only is it negative, its a waste of time. Just thought I’d do a little fishing tonight and drop Mr. Castiglia a few lines to see if he bites..

  7. Debbie Downer…Freedom of speech…this news media is the only one in Oswego County that allows that….yours and mine…

  8. Just to be certain. You are saying that you take information from other websites that provide more information on a topic but take the information to this site to share your knowledge because this is the only website that lets you comment. Wow. You said it. Half the people reading the article here have no idea about all the details as they weren’t contained in this article. Did it make you feel good about yourself to make it sound like you had some insider information or something? All in the name of free speech? There is nothing you are going to say that these poor people haven’t heard you say 100 times. It’s like you are on repeat sometimes.

  9. ERik Wagner proof please, I am sure the single auditors that they have each year and the State Autitors in the last 3 years would like to see proof ! Thank you:

  10. I don’t see how introducing additional facts is “negative.” Fulton needs to make informed decisions to enhance its economic viability.
    A proposal to bring in new employment would be welcome.
    Go Frank!

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