Barclay: Support Ag to Grow Economy

Assemblyman Will Barclay announced that New York is now third in the nation in milk production, surpassing Idaho.

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, New York milk production has grown for four years, after experiencing a dip in production.

The boon in yogurt plants and sales has influenced the production, but New York also produces many value-added dairy products such as cream cheese, cottage cheese and cheddar. All of this value-added production and fluid milk sales has culminated in growth of output and jobs.

In 2012, New York became the number one producer of yogurt in the country. According to the USDA, in 2012 New York’s yogurt production was 695 million pounds. Since 2007, that amount has tripled.

“This is great news today for the dairy industry and for all of the dairy farmers in our region. We had a strong sense that milk production was on the upswing but it’s great to see New York reclaim its position as one of the top milk producers in the country,” said Barclay.

“Today’s news reminds us that we need to continue to pass policies that support small businesses and our agriculture producers who have the potential to really grow our economy. For every job created in agriculture, several other non-farm related jobs are created–from those found at value-added plants to those in transportation. Investing in New York’s Agriculture also has the ability to boost exports and reduce the cost of food sold at New York’s grocery store,” Barclay added. “It also reminds us how buying local has such a positive affect on our agriculture producers.”