Barclay Supports Changes To Help Family Farms

Assemblyman Will Barclay said Wednesday he is in support of a proposed code change to allow family farms temporary use permits. If enacted, agricultural producers would be able to open their facilities to visitors on weekends and farms would be able to host special events on premise, as long as facilities were deemed safe by the state.

Barclay applauds this pro-farm, pro-business move and hopes to see the code changes implemented in the near future.  He is urging the Department of State to make these changes.

“The new code changes proposed by the Division of Code Enforcement and Administration are a great step in providing our family farms a boost,” said Barclay. “By allowing farms to apply for temporary use permits, it opens these farms up to new business opportunities and allows tourists and visitors to come to the farms to meet producers that grow the products New York State relies upon.

“I applaud this proposed change and I look forward to seeing it put into practice sooner rather than later,” said Barclay.

The rule would amend “Uniform Code by adding provisions that would allow a building to be used on a temporary basis for a use not consistent with the building’s existing occupancy classification, provided that the building satisfies certain safety-related requirements,” according to the Department of State’s website.  The department is inviting public comment on the rule.

Barclay said this would help groups like the New York State Maple Producers hold special events on Maple Weekend, such as pancake breakfasts. While some do already, some have been unable to because of New York’s codes. Though the change would be made at the state level to make it allowable, localities would have final say.

For more information on the changes put forth by the Division of Code Enforcement and Administration, or to submit comment, please visit