Barclay Supports Delaying Common Core Testing

Assemblyman Will Barclay voted to reform the controversial Common Core standards and curriculum.

Assembly bill 8929 prohibits Common Core testing from counting against students’ permanent records or on teacher evaluation scores, but fails to delay these high-stakes tests or institute the type of long-term reforms necessary to remedy our education system.

While Barclay felt this legislation was a good start, he urged the Assembly to take up his co-sponsored comprehensive education reform measure, the APPLE Plan, and delay the testing and standards pending a thorough evaluation of Common Core.

“While I’m pleased we took the initial steps in fixing Common Core, more work needs to be done,” said Barclay. “The Assembly bill we passed yesterday is a positive beginning, but there is still major action necessary to mend our education system. What we need is comprehensive reform that provides our children with best education possible. The APPLE Plan does just that and would delay the high-stakes testing and remedy the sharing of students’ private information. I urge the Assembly Democrats to take up the APPLE Plan and its common-sense reforms immediately to give our children and educators the type of system where they can flourish.”