Barclay: Tax Cuts, Ethics Part of Budget Proposal but CNY Left Out

Assemblyman Will Barclay released the following statement today (Jan. 22) following the Governor’s 2014-15 Executive Budget proposal.

I am pleased to hear about the tax cuts for Upstate manufacturers. Cutting corporate taxes will give businesses more reason to stay as well as attract others.

I’m also glad to hear talks about addressing property taxes, as New York’s middle-class families are living in the worst tax climate in the nation, but I want to understand his proposal further and make sure it addresses the reasons why we have high property taxes in the first place.

Many of the costs borne to localities can be attributed to unfunded state mandates.

It’s very disappointing that the Governor lectured the Legislature on ethics yet in the same speech, proposes public financing.

I fail to see how publicly financed campaigns has anything to do with ethics, let alone improve ethical behavior.

Improved ethics laws for lawmakers is long overdue.

We need to treat these reports of sexual harassment and misconduct seriously and incorporate consequences into our laws through bi-partisan participation.

To insinuate that public financing ensures greater responsibility on the part of the candidate is misleading. In fact, much of the misconduct has taken place in New York City where publicly financed campaigns are already the case.

Further, a hotline may help direct calls but it doesn’t ensure that those complaints will be reviewed any differently than they are now.

Part of the problem all along is that much of this is handled at the discretion of the powers that be.

It was disappointing to hear so little about Central New York in the speech. I hope the budget reveals other details for our region.

We have until April 1 to pass an on-time budget this year.

I look forward to examining the governor’s proposals further, and will keep the public informed throughout the budget process.